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We work in three areas: strategy / innovation / production

strategy & approach
innovate & create
build & activate
  • brand & strategy

    We bring a fresh, off-the-wall perspective to your business marketing.

    Our approach blends strategists who provide breadth of thinking, with creative specialists, to create seamless campaigns for our clients and their customers.

  • innovation workshops

    Through interactive and collaborative workshops at your offices, we work with you to deliver training modules that allow people to develop and grow in a learning environment… where innovation happens!!

    Services: Innovation workshops, team development, employee engagement

  • market research

    The commercial reality of customers now choosing how they wish to connect with your business means giving customers a consistent experience is essentially good business.

    We help you discover when and how customers want to engage your business.

    Both qualitative and quantitative research are valuable tools.

    We also have the expertise to interpret findings and to create an action roadmap.

  • customer insight

    Shopper marketing, consumer insight and customer journeys all seek to identify valuable insights.

    From this understanding, all future creative communications will be on-target.

    We help you in this process of developing deep customer understanding.

  • concept visualization

    We help you see the future through concept visuals.

    Mock-up, maquette or diaorama – call them what you will, rapid sketches and digital scamps quickly get ideas across.

    Refined hand sketches help everybody explore ideas quickly.

    Advanced concepts deserve 3D photo-realistic illustrations and animations.

  • prototype & testing

    Prototyping ideas is essentially problem-finding.

    Build the idea, kick-it-about and see what falls off.

    Re-build the idea with improvements.

    It’s a critical process we do very well.

  • art direction

    Art direction ensures consistency across all media.

    From a photoshoot and on-site production through to studio-based compositing.

    A trusted pair of creative hands ensure the outcome.

  • innovation critique

    Eschew politeness, get precise feedback and direction.

    A critique is more than an opinion on what good looks like.

    Confident decision-making rises from clear instruction.

  • pre-press artwork

    Our experience prevents a myriad of pitfalls.

    Senior creatives effectively sense-check complex artwork.

    Moving from concept to reality efficiently.

    Job sorted.

  • pre-flight validation

    Pre-flight checks are not just for print processes.

    Physical prototypes may need safety audits.

    Usability tests improve digital user experiences.

  • supply partners

    It takes a team of skilled supply partners to achieve anything.

    We work closely with experts across media.

    Together we are extremely capable.

  • production roll-out

    Known also as route-to-market.

    Establishing the best way to produce and distribute your campaign.

    Keeping tight control through to activation.

The Boost THREE fundamental beliefs:

Belief ONE: the customer really is King

The commercial reality is that your customers now choose how they wish to connect with your business.
This means giving customers a consistent, delightful experience is essentially good business.
Providing a more consistent, innovative way of engaging customers determines which businesses flourish today.
We will help your customer experience become fit for a King.

Belief TWO: marketing & design that work together, work better

Rapidly changing competitive markets, driven on by technology, are the reality of our era.
Businesses that ‘get it’ make it a priority to explore and identify opportunities to delight and satisfy their customers first.
Tailored teams of marketing and design talent will help your business embrace new ways of thinking and doing business.

Belief THREE: work smarter, use technology

Your business growth, and the marketing resources to hit your targets, are achievable.
Technology supporting our network of capable people provide you with the resources to consistently hit your growth targets.
To harness the power of multidisciplinary thinking, robust processes are required. We have adopted and adhere to a version of Agile methodology.
Your projects are managed in a transparent, efficient & secure online methodology.
We leverage a select set of online tools that make global collaboration not only possible but also more cost effective besides.